Double Trouble

If you’re in Miami, visit the Double Trouble exhibition until October 5. My exhibition together with Presto (@Presto_sp) in the Wyn317 Gallery (@ wyn317).

Se você está em Miami, visite até 5 de outubro a exposição Double Trouble. Exposição minha em conjunto com Presto (@Presto_sp) na Wyn317 Gallery (@wyn317).

Big Wall at Berlim

Finally the film of my new wall at Hamburg it’s finally done.
Thanks a lot for the whole team that help me out with the production and with the movie that has been done:

Special thanks to: Viva con Agua, Millerntor Gallery and Simon & Paul
Produced by: Simon & Paul

Julho . 2016

Check out my first Scultpture

It’s been a while I want to create my first sculpture, but this day just arrived and in this small video you can see a bit of the production. This one will be at the Amsterdam gallery Vroom&Varossieau at mine first solo show there.

Big wall in Sao Paulo, Brazil

I finished this huge wall at Sao Paulo, Brazil, last October, for the Graffiti pocket Book project made by Zupi, Ubisoft and the photographer Fred Ronflard. Thanks a lot for the opportunity.

7-16 October 2015

Commission for Nike

This was a nice collaboration with Nike. I could create anything related with the word RUN, so I did a work based on the night runners on “Minhocão”.

2015 / Under Minhocão (next to Marechal subway station)

Big Wall at Evry, France

Finally the film of my new wall at France it’s ready. Thanks a lot for the whole team that help me out with the production and with the movie that has been done: edição by: 2 IRMÃOS Filmes Produção: Pixo e Bea Pereira instagram: @2irmaos, @andrepeirao, @rpm79 SITE: | | FB page:…


Wall at Canvas Gallery

This is the Wall I’ve done at Canvas from a group show I was in.

São Paulo, Brasil – 2015 (special thanks to: 2 Irmãos Filmes, Escritório de Arte Soares Rodrigues and Luis Maluf Art Gallery)

Barcelona Wall . cranio

I’ve just finished a new huge wall at Barcelona, Spain. If you want to see the final result just go to Poblenou neighborhood, at Calle De la Agricultura corner with Veneçuela. The wall have 10 x 10 m. And I had a great partnership with my friend Pez in this artwork.

A Special thanks Casa Verdi Bcn (Tati Tacla).

Julho . 2014

Cranio x new Volvo XC60 . light painting

Fui convidado no inicio de Janeiro pela Volvo para participar de um projeto super inovador, onde o novo Volvo XC60 reproduz uma obra de arte minha utilizando a técnica de Light Painting. // I was invited last January to be in a bloody cool project with Volvo, where their brand new Volvo CX60 recreates on…